Some parents in Miscouche, P.E.I. are campaigning to have their school principal replaced, citing bullying and other concerns in the school.

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There is a process regarding complaints about school principals that is being followed, says Education Minister Alan McIsaac. (CBC)

The issue was raised Wednesday in the provincial legislature during question period.

According to letters tabled by the Opposition, more than half the families at the Miscouche Consolidated are part of a group that wants principal Scott MacDonald removed. The letter says MacDonald "is incapable of continuing in a management position that would be conducive to the physical, emotional and educational well-being of our children."

Group spokesman Leon Perry told CBC News parents are concerned about children bullying each other, about the education their kids are receiving and about the security of the building.

"I think the only thing that's going to resolve the situation is that. We have to have a new principal in place," said Perry.

"They've done enough trying to correct the situation in there, prior, in the past. Nothing's been effective, nothing's changed. It may smooth things over for a couple of weeks but everything goes back to the same norm."

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English Language School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet is meeting with parents from Miscouche Consolidated School. (CBC)

CBC News contacted principal Scott MacDonald, and he directed calls to the English Language School Board. Superintendent Cynthia Fleet said she has begun meeting with parents one-on-one to hear their concerns.

"Then we will have a plan to address the concerns so all of our students are in the school in a safe environment and in the best learning and teaching conditions that we can have in place," said Fleet.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac said he will meet with parents once the school board has completed its process.

Deputy education minister Sandy MacDonald, who is the principal's brother, has recused himself from any dealings on the matter.

McIsaac said he takes the allegations very seriously, and they're being investigated without any interference.