A P.E.I. woman is gathering stories about local paranormal phenomena in the hopes of putting them together into a book.

Jan Driscoll has created a Facebook page where people can share their experiences and it's got a lot of people talking. So far the page has more than 3,500 likes.

"It's been fantastic. There's been not much hesitation in sharing," said Driscoll.

"If we ask something there's always people posting their stories and experiences but we just want to get word out to more people."

Driscoll is posting stories she is hearing on the Facebook page, and people are responding with their own similar experiences.

Narrowing down the stories to include in the book won't be easy, Driscoll said. There have been 131 different stories submitted to date.

For mobile device users: Do you have experience of the paranormal on P.E.I. to share?