Health PEI is expanding its training of staff on how to deal with end of life issues.

A pilot project recently trained staff in two nursing homes and Charlottetown's Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Two hundred staff in the health care system were trained to do better assessments of a patient's condition, and design specific plans for treatment and pain management.


The palliative care training will help ensure patients and their families have the best end-of-life experience possible, says Dr. Mireille LeCours. (CBC)

"Certainly the next 10 and 20 years we need to increase the capacity of palliative care services within our local resources," said Dr. Mireille LeCours, the provincial palliative care medical consultant.

"That means in long-term care facilities, have staff that are a little more comfortable with that. In acute care facilities the same thing, have staff that are more comfortable and more qualified at treating pain and other symptoms."

The idea is to share knowledge so that more patients and their families will receive the best possible end of life care.

There are now plans for more staff to go through the training.