Members of the Second World War's Devil's Brigade will be presented with the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal this summer, including 89-year-old Lawrence Durant, the only surviving P.E.I. member.

The brigade was a joint American and Canadian unit, specializing in hand to hand combat and going behind enemy lines. It served in the Aleutian Islands, Italy and southern France.


The Devil's Brigade fought in the Aleutian Islands, Italy and southern France. (CBC)

"You didn't know what minute you were going to get it, that's one thing," said Durant.

"Could've been lots of times. You had to take it awful quietly. You couldn't make a noise. Couldn't make a sound. Very scary."

Durant was one of 17 Islanders in the brigade. Kip Holloway, zone commander for the Charlottetown Legion, said it's unfortunate Durant is the only one left.

"In some respects it's sad that it occurred so late that there's only one survivor," said Holloway.

"Nevertheless, I think it should make all Islanders proud."

The medal honors people who have made a major achievement that impacted American history and culture. For Lawrence Durant it will be one more to pin on his jacket.

"12. One more is 13. That's it. No more," he said.

Durant will receive the award in August.