Vehicle inspections may be one area where drivers see a jump in prices. (CBC)

Islanders currently pay about the same for most vehicle fees as the rest of the Maritimes, but yesterday's budget revealed those costs will go up to help balance the books.

The provincial budget revealed people in P.E.I. will pay an additional $7 million in collected fees this year, with $3 million expected to come from higher vehicle fees.

The province also announced these fees will now be tied to the rate of inflation, so the costs will likely increase every year.

One area where Islanders may see a spike is vehicle registration fees. At a cost of $90 a year, regardless of vehicle size,  drivers in P.E.I. pay much less for vehicle registrations than those in neighbouring provinces.

Registration for a small passenger vehicle in Nova Scotia is $131 for two years, climbing to as much as $200 for a large SUV.

In New Brunswick, annual registration fees are slightly lower, starting at $55 for small vehicles, but rising to more than $172 for larger ones.

P.E.I. charges $60 for drivers' license renewals every three years, with fees the same in New Brunswick and slightly higher in Nova Scotia.

New Brunswickers pay $80 to renew their licenses every four years, while Nova Scotians pay about $74 every five years.

Vehicle safety inspection fees for passenger vehicles are another story, with Nova Scotia having the lowest fees.

According to Nova Scotia's registry of motor vehicles, there is no inspection fee for the first three years when Nova Scotians buy a new car. After that, they pay $26 every two years.

In March, the province of Ontario announced an increase in driver and vehicle licensing fees.


  • Vehicle registration costs in Nova Scotia are $131 for two years, not one year as this story previously reported.
    Apr 20, 2012 11:45 AM AT