While Vancouver fans rioted over their team's loss of the Stanley Cup, the town of Cornwall in P.E.I. was celebrating as a hometown boy helped take the cup back to Boston.

On Wednesday night, Islander Adam McQuaid and the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in game seven of the final.

McQuaid, from Cornwall, helped the Bruins win the championship in his first full season in the NHL.

Fans gathered at Sam's Restaurant to watch the game.


The small town of Cornwall celebrated the Stanley Cup win for the Boston Bruins and their hometown hero, defenceman Adam McQuaid. ((CBC))

"There's a lot of pride here, a lot of pride in Cornwall and in Adam McQuaid and the family. Everybody's here and everybody's really excited," said Sam's owner Tanya Rashed.

McQuaid's parents were in Vancouver for game seven, but other family members watched  at Sam's with hundreds of other Cornwall fans. His aunt Joanne MacMillan was elated.

"Undescribeable. I can't explain it," said MacMillan. "I was counting down minute by minute, just do this. Wooh! You did it, Adam!"

Stanley Cup coming to P.E.I.


Adam McQuaid's aunt, Joanne MacMillan, was elated that her nephew will be bringing the Stanley Cup home this summer.

"Never thought it would happen, his first year he makes it all the way," said MacMillan.

Now begins the planning of a homecoming for McQuaid.

His family said he'll be back on the Island some time in August with the Cup in hand.

Cornwall town council is planning a huge parade for Cornwall's Stanley Cup 24-year-old champion.

"It's going to be insane," said cousin Stephanie McQuaid.

"The whole of P.E.I. is going to go nuts."