More than 100 people attended a meeting of P.E.I.'s Progressive Conservative party Monday night, following a week where it lost two members of its caucus.

Steven Myers

Interim PC leader Steven Myers says the discussion of the defection of Hal Perry and removal of Olive Crane from the caucus remained respectful. (CBC)

The party is down to three MLAs after Hal Perry left for the Liberals on Thursday, and former leader Olive Crane was kicked out of the caucus on Friday.

The controversy was at the top of the agenda Monday night, and interim leader Steven Myers told CBC News after the meeting he retains majority support.

"People expressed their concerns. It was all very respectful," said Myers.

"I think the discussion was good. It didn't degenerate into something that it shouldn't have. All in all it sounds like the party is ready to move forward and wants to move forward."

Not everyone was at the meeting to cheer on Myers. Some left early in protest. Member Margaret MacKay said the party has to find a way to settle its issues with Crane.

Margaret MacKay

The Progressive Conservative party has to make peace with Olive Crane, says Margaret MacKay. (CBC)

"They have to make peace with Olive," said MacKay.

"She controls a large, large number of votes within this party."

Member Pat Banks said the meeting ended with a discussion about moving the party back to its core values.

"The general consensus among people was that we have to get back to what Tory values were," said Banks.

"The principles of the Tory party, what it was brought up on, what it succeeded with, and move forward."

The meeting also addressed a practical issue, deciding to hold its leadership convention in the fall of 2014.