P.E.I.'s Transportation Minister Robert Vessey says the province will provide land to help build a skate park in Souris.   

MLA Colin LaVie brought up the idea in the legislature this past week.  

LaVie pointed out there will be land available when Souris Consolidated School is demolished next summer.

Vessey agreed it was a good idea.

“As we all know kids that are out playing are healthier kids and we'd be only too glad to help them out.

First we'll have to finish demolition of the school and have a look at the area and see how big a piece they would want. We'll try to make it work for them...There shouldn't be any reason why we couldn't have a small piece of the area committed to a skate park for the children of the area,” he said.

Youth in the area have raised $9,000 for the skate park -- that has exceeded their $8,500 goal.  

They helped with set-up at the annual Village Feast, assisted at the Sea Glass Festival and sold some copper piping donated by the nearby windmill site in order to raise the funds.