P.E.I.’s English Language School Board is trying to figure out how many students were involved in a security breach that included hacking into school records.

The incident happened at Three Oaks High School in Summerside.

Board Superintendent Cynthia Fleet said somehow, a student got their hands on a teacher’s password.

They used it to access the StudentsAchieve Program, which contains marks and attendance records.

"We do know that the persons who accessed the information are students," said Fleet. "We are continuing that investigation to determine how someone accessed an administrator’s password."


The StudentsAchieve program is a place for teachers, parents and students to check school records online. (CBC)

Staff at the school discovered this week that attendance records were altered by several computers outside the school. It’s not known how long that’s been going on, but the school changed the passwords Wednesday.

Fleet said at least two students were involved in the plot.

"We don’t know how widespread this is," she said.

Parents were informed Thursday.

The school board is working with the software vendor to figure out how the breach may have occurred. The board is also conducting an internal audit.

Fleet said the board has not contacted the police.