The Geosweep game allows players to choose amongst 2.3 million locations in Atlantic Canada. (ALC)

P.E.I. is not ready to pull the plug on GeoSweep, says Finance Minister Wes Sheridan.

The New Brunswick government announced this week it is reconsidering its investment in the online lottery game. The game allows players to select one of 2.3 million locations in Atlantic Canada with daily draws.

Atlantic Lotto will not release sales numbers, but there were no winners in the first 132 draws, suggesting a low take up.

Both New Brunswick and P.E.I. each invested $4 million in the company that developed the game. Sheridan said the game needs more time to prove itself.

"As the old games go away we have to be looking to the future as to what it is that people want to be spending their gaming money on, and what's interesting," he said.

"This is going to be a whole new option for that group and we look forward to what it returns."

Sheridan said the province will start making money from the game once it catches on with gamblers.