The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended operation at P.E.I. seafood processor Establishment 4233, Red Cove.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended operations at a P.E.I. seafood processor for the second time this fall over concerns there aren’t reliable food safety controls at the plant.

The company is called Establishment 4233, Red Cove, and is located in Cape Wolfe in western Prince Edward Island. The CFIA says it is registered to process ready to eat, fresh frozen crab and lobster and molluscan shellfish products.

No food has been recalled at this time.

The agency says it won’t let the company resume operations until it has corrected the problems and until the CFIA is "fully confident in the plant's capacity to effectively manage food safety risks," according to the statement.

"The CFIA has determined that adequate controls for food safety are not being reliably implemented in the facility on a consistent basis," the statement said.

"All products currently at this plant that were produced under these inadequate conditions are under CFIA detention and control."

The company was also hit with a suspension order on Sept. 27, with the CFIA citing food safety control problems. That suspension was lifted Oct. 9.