Donations of food, clothing and medical supplies gathered by Islanders earlier this year to help earthquake victims in Haiti are expected to arrive on April 9.

Shortly after January's quake Islanders helped fill three shipping containers with various aid supplies. Master Packaging donated $50,000 to help make sure the containers are transported to the people who need them.

Company CEO Mary Jean Irving, who also launched the campaign, has partnered with the organization One by One to make sure the donations get to people quickly.

"I think with One by One being in there we've had some pretty good updates," said Irving.

"They are involved with some key political people in the States and in Canada and I know that they are working closely with the president of Haiti."

Irving made contact with the One by One Foundation through her sister, who sits on the organization's board. Once through customs Lifeline Ministries, which has also been working in Haiti for many years, will hand out the donations.

Master Packaging is sending three Islanders to witness the distribution. Irving said they'll be bringing back pictures and stories to share with Islanders. She said fundraising for Haiti will become an ongoing project for her company.