Island sprinter Jared Connaughton is headed to the Olympics in London next week.

His family and former coach cheered him on from their New Haven home as he ran one more race Friday before the games begin.

Connaughton's relay team placed third, behind two American squads at the Diamond League Track meet in Monaco.  

Connaughton will run in the 200 metre sprint in London, and he could also run in the men's relay.

His family will be in London to watch from the stands.

Connaughton ran the 4 x 100 metre relay flanked by teammates Akeem Haynes, Seyi Smith and Justyn Warner.  

His team placed third place behind two American teams.

"Jared seemed to get the baton, he was out of the picture for a little while then he seemed to come on strong," said Connaughton's father, Neal Connaughton.

"They took third, third is certainly a good place to be against two strong, strong American teams."

This will be Jared's second time qualifying for the Olympics.  He ran the relay and reached the semifinals in the 200 metres in Beijing in 2008.

"Today is his birthday," said Susan Connaughton, his proud mother.

"So he’s 27 today and I was thinking back 27 years ago – I’m rushing into the hospital in a very short time, because he did everything fast."

Colin MacAdam coached Connaughton in his earlier years and said he wouldn’t be surprised if he did the relay as well.

"I think he’s been their most consistent person, their best relay runner over the last number of years, I think he’s in great shape right now," MacAdam said.

With one week to go until the official opening of the Olympics, the pressure is mounting, but the major work is already done. Connaughton will know soon if he'll run the relay in London.

He'll spend the next few days fine-tuning his skills and focusing on the finish line.