With the P.E.I. government saying it has no interest in providing abortion services on the Island, the P.E.I. Right to Life Association is now looking for the province to take an even stronger stance.

Holly Pierlot

P.E.I. Right to Life wants to see the province stop funding most abortions, says president Holly Pierlot. (CBC)

Health PEI and Premier Robert Ghiz responded negatively Monday to a proposal for a twice-monthly abortion clinic in Charlottetown, which a Nova Scotia gynecologist said would save the province money. Ghiz said the status quo, where the province pays for abortions to be performed on the mainland, is working.

P.E.I.  Right to Life president Holly Pierlot said she's pleased government is not moving forward with a plan to have abortions performed in the province, but added the status quo isn't where she wants the province to stay when it comes to abortion.

She wants government to take a stronger stand against the procedure.

"We would like the government to base their decision on the science about the long-term impacts of abortion on women, and begin to create policy that reflect real health care, not health care put forward as a euphemism for abortion on demand," said Pierlot.

The Right to Life Association wants the P.E.I. government to pull funding for any abortion that is not medically necessary. Pierlot said that would cut funding to 99 per cent of procedures.

Pierlot said her group is planning a major educational campaign this year looking at the long-term effects of abortion on women.

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