The P.E.I. government plans to replace all the vehicle licence plates in the province with a single new design starting this fall.

In a news release Friday morning, Transportation Minister Robert Vessey said the government has been hearing from police they are starting to have trouble reading older plates.


The wind turbine design is the most recent of five licence plate designs currently in use on P.E.I. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

"Many of the licence plates on Island roads are no longer reflective and are difficult to see or can’t be seen at all, particularly at night," said Vessey.

A new plate picturing Province House to showcase P.E.I. as the birthplace of Confederation will be issued this fall.

There are currently five different licence plates in use on P.E.I. vehicles.

  • Green and white with coat of arms (1991)
  • Anne of Green Gables (1994)
  • Province House (1999)
  • Confederation Bridge (1999)
  • Windmill plates (2008)

Charlottetown Police Chief Paul Smith said a single licence plate would reduce confusion and make identifying vehicles easier.

Vehicle owners will have a year to replace their existing plates at a cost of $5. Anyone who has purchased a licence plate within one year of the newly designed plate being issued will receive the new plate at no cost.