The voice of harness racing on P.E.I. was missing when Summerside Raceway opened its new facilities Wednesday.

Vance Cameron, 49, suffered a heart attack on Monday.

He's in intensive care at Prince County Hospital.

Cameron has called races at both Summerside Raceway and the Charlottetown Driving Park for the past decade. 

And with the busiest part of the racing season just beginning, Harness Racing P.E.I. is now scrambling to find a temporary replacement.

A race caller needs certain qualities, said Lee Drake, Harness Racing PEI's director of marketing and promotion.

"You know, you're talking action that happens instantaneously. They have to call the action as it happens and be able to keep the flow of the race going. But then you're adding the colour to it as well," said Drake.

"So, race callers, good ones, don't just happen overnight. They take some time to develop. You have to work at it and to become one of the top callers in the country is certainly a talent," he added.

Drake's already received a handful of inquiries, with one from as far away as Vancouver.