P.E.I. has the second-worst ranking when it comes to quality of life in Canada, according to an Ottawa research organization.

The Centre for the Study of Living Standards ranked the provinces and territories according to the Human Development Index, which is often used to highlight which countries are the best to live in.

The popular index considers life expectancy, education and income.

"Where Prince Edward Island did poorly was on gross national income per capita," said Andrew Sharpe, the group's executive director.

"It only has 70 per cent of  the national average, and it ranked the last in Canada of all the provinces and territories, so that's what pulled it down. Prince Edward Island did better in the other indexes, for example on life expectancy where it was sixth."

Sharpe believes P.E.I.'s ranking would have improved if cost of living had been included.

Alberta ranked as the jurisdiction with the highest HDI, followed by Ontario, the Northwest Territories and B.C. Nunavut ranks worst at 38.

Sharpe says the ranking highlights areas where government should make improvements.

Sharpe doesn't think P.E.I.'s ranking is a black mark on quality of life here, but he does say unemployment rates are above average and wages are lower than in other parts of the country.