As of June 1, P.E.I.'s public libraries will be eliminating fines for any children's material that is returned late.

Roseanne Gauthier, youth services librarian for P.E.I. provincial public libraries, said the decision to eliminate late fees for children's materials was an easy one. 

"Of course, as a librarian, I really want kids to take the books home, so anything that makes it easier for families to take stuff home, I'm happy about," she said.

Gauthier said library fees can often act as a barrier for families wishing to book out material for their children.

"Sometimes you do see parents or caregivers who are hesitant about having kids take something home, worried that they might get an overdue fine," she said.

Incentive to return

While overdue fines will be eliminated, borrowers will still have to pay for a book's replacement if lost.

Roseanne Gauthier - youth services librarian - Charlottetown library - 19/05/17

Roseanne Gauthier, youth services librarian at the P.E.I. public library, said late fees can often act as a barrier and discourage families from borrowing children's materials. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

However, Gauthier said books can be lent out for several months before being considered lost, and hopes that won't discourage families from lending material.

"I think that in the end, the benefit of having families feel more comfortable with taking things home and not feeling stressed about having to get them back on time to the day, I'm hoping the benefit of that will outweigh any of the books that get lost," said Gauthier.

Any late fees for children's material accumulated before June 1 will still have to be paid.

Last year, P.E.I. public libraries collected $8,000 in overdue fees for children's materials.

Gauthier said the province's public libraries will be working towards eliminating late fees for young adult materials as well.