The Retail Council of Canada wants the P.E.I. government to drop its remaining rules around Sunday shopping.

Under current legislation stores can't open on Sunday until noon but the council says that needs to change. The group says it has heard from a number of P.E.I. retailers who are frustrated by the restriction.


Dennis Flemming thinks when a store opens should be up to the retailer, not the government. (CBC)

One of those retailers is Dennis Flemming of Lou Lou Clothing and Accessories.

"This would be the retailer's decision," said Flemming.

"If customers want us to be open at 10 o'clock, we're going to open at 10. And that should be our decision, not the government's."

Store employees at the Charlottetown Mall, at work at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, said they enjoyed their Sunday morning sleep ins, one of the few times in the week they could rely on being off work.

Early signs from the provincial government suggest their Sunday mornings are not in jeopardy, and the hours of opening established when Sunday shopping legislation was last relaxed two years ago will remain.

"The restriction was put into place because it's something that was very important to Islanders," said Labour Minister Janice Sherry.

The Retail Council of Canada will present its case to Sherry next week.