Island Nature Trust says it's concerned about declining numbers of piping plovers on Prince Edward Island.


Fifty-seven piping plovers have been counted so far this year.

The group found 57 birds on Island beaches in its annual count this week.

That’s a few less than last year, but a significant drop from six years ago when there were nearly 90 birds.

The group is awaiting numbers from beaches in western P.E.I. However, it doesn’t expect any piping plovers will be found in those areas.

“As always with an endangered species, we are concerned and will continue our work to continue to try to protect them and raise awareness of them,” said Julie-Lynn Zahavich, co-ordinator of the piping plover project for Island Nature Trust.

Zahavich says members are patrolling beaches and telling dog owners to keep their pets out of piping plover nesting areas.

She says signs and rope mark the nesting areas.