It will take about an extra 1.8 seconds to call a number with 10-digit dialing. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

A big change is coming this weekend for telephone communications on P.E.I. as 10-digit dialing comes into effect.

As of Aug. 24 the full phone number will have to be dialed, including the area code, to make local calls.

The Canadian Numbering Administrator director Glen Brown said there is a phase-in period to get people used to the idea of dialing all those numbers.

"If you happen to forget to put the 902 in front of it, you will get a reminder message from your service provider saying something along the lines of "the local number you have dialed must be proceeded by its area code, your call will now proceed, " said Brown.

"And you will have this sort of permissive period up until Nov. 16, at which point in time you will have to dial 10 digits."

Brown said in other areas where this has happened, people have been very quick to adapt to the change.

The Telecommunications Alliance, a group representing all phone companies, is also reminding consumers to check auto dial features at home.

It notes some alarm systems, medical devices, and even voicemail numbers may need to change to reflect the new 10-digit dialing.

That's only one of the changes coming to phone numbers. As of Dec. 1 a new area code will also be in effect for P.E.I.

A new 782 area code will be introduced, because the 902 area code is nearly at capacity.