A P.E.I. woman is warning others about fraudulent telephone calls from people claiming to represent the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Luella Bredin says she received a message saying she was wanted on charges of fraud and tax evasion, and the caller left a number for her call back.

Even though she knew she had filed her taxes properly, Bredin was scared and called her accountant immediately.

She didn't end up returning the call, but said she initially believed the caller and worries others could be scammed.

"I do have a lot of friends who are older and I know that something like this could really scare them, especially if you are alone and don't have someone to talk you through it, and help you to see that this is really not real," she said.

RCMP confirm they've gotten complaints and say the tax scam calls are making their way across the country.

Police warn residents to never give any personal information if they get such calls.