The P.E.I. government has set up a new program that will allow people to visit their pharmacist and review their prescriptions to check for possible drug interactions.

They can book a 20 to 30 minute appointment to have all their medications looked at to ensure they are working properly. Health Minister Doug Currie said the province is compensating pharmacists for these consultations, but he believes the program will save the government money in the long-term.


The prescription drug review program should save the province money with fewer hospital admissions, says Health Minister Doug Currie. (Province of P.E.I.)

"The [Canadian Institute for Health Information] data has shown a high volume of unnecessary hospital admissions as a result of seniors with complicated drug interactions," said Currie.

"The intent is to look at the range of medications that seniors are on and to avoid hospital stays and to take a lot of pressure off our emergency rooms and our hospitals."

The program is for Islanders taking three or more chronic prescription medications and who are in the provincial seniors drug cost assistance program, financial assistance program or in a private nursing home.

Currie said the medication review program is a great opportunity to not only help Islanders but to also better utilize the skills of pharmacists.