The New Democratic Party of P.E.I. has voted in favour of allowing corporate donations from what it calls "responsible" businesses.

The vote was held at the party's weekend policy convention.


Accepting corporate donations would be a temporary measure, says NDP Leader Mike Redmond. (CBC)

Leader Mike Redmond said it will be a temporary measure. If the NDP forms the next provincial government on P.E.I., Redmond said, it will bring in legislation banning corporate donations for all political parties. For now, he said, the NDP needs the corporate donations now to be on equal footing.

"We need to be able to be competitive and obviously you can't run an election on no money, and we have in the past and it doesn't lead to very much success," said Redmond.

"You can't make those changes unless you are in government. So the only way to get there is play within the structure that exists presently, and then change it when you are in government."

The party needs to raise about $275,000 to be election ready, he said. The party executive is still working out a definition of what it means by responsible businesses.