The Medical Society of Prince Edward Island is focusing on curbing heavy drinking in the province. (iStock)

The Medical Society of Prince Edward Island will spend the rest of the year focusing on cyberbullying, alcohol addiction and new models of reproductive care.

Medical society president Dr. David Bannon said it’s important to curb the binge-drinking problem on the Island.

"We have lots of people very dedicated to this in the province," he said. "We just have to find a way to become more effective. So this is the beginning of what we assume is going to be a long and productive conversation.

"And the medical society as a group, as a membership, is feeling very motivated to throw their weight behind this project."

Resolutions passed by the society are not binding, but help focus doctors and inform discussions with government and the public.

On Friday, the province’s chief public health officer released a report that painted a bleak picture of health trends on P.E.I.

Dr. Heather Morrison said Islanders are more likely to be obese and drink heavily than the typical Canadian. Another challenge, she said, is P.E.I.’s population is older than the Canadian average.