A P.E.I. man has been creating amazing things with glass for over 15 years and his most recent project is no exception.

Gar Gillis of Point Prim has recently created a map of Prince Edward Island, made entirely of sea glass.

Gillis estimates the map has about 2,000 pieces of blue, white and green sea glass, which he has been collecting for years.

"There's a fair amount of sea glass down here and my brother in law ... he gave me a lot of sea glass," Gillis said.

"We just saved it all up. I don't know how long it took."

Glass village for the IWK

wide view of the bottle village

Gillis says the map will be displayed in his bottle village this summer, with hopes that people will donate to the IWK hospital. (Pat Martel/CBC)

He said he got the idea about a year ago from someone on Facebook who had created a smaller version. Gillis said he decided to make his own version this winter.

The map will become a part of Gillis's collection of glass creations, including his village made out of glass bottles, which helps raise funds for the IWK.

Gillis said he's close to raising $30,000 for the hospital, and plans to expand his village even further this year.