The only vascular surgeon practising on P.E.I. has tendered his resignation, saying he is overwhelmed by his workload.


Dr. Peter Midgley says he's overwhelmed with his workload on P.E.I. (Submitted by Dr. Peter Midgely)

Dr. Peter Midgley came to the Island with his specialty of operating on blood vessels more than four years ago. Midgley told CBC News Wednesday he's officially on call for emergencies during the day on weekdays and one evening a week.

In reality, he feels he's on call 24-7.

"I have an ethical and a moral obligation to the patients. I'm not going to say no sorry I'm not going to come in and help you out cause I'm not on call," he said.

"When that continues to happen day after day, week after week, it ends up that essentially you are on call or responsible for these patients."

Midgley said he would consider staying on P.E.I. if health officials hired another vascular surgeon for him to work with.

Dr. Richard Wedge, medical affairs director for Health PEI said the current plan is to recruit one vascular surgeon to replace Midgeley, but that could change.

"Two is another possibility," said Wedge.

"We're going through the assessment of how much that would cost and whether or not the workload is here for that. So that remains to be seen."

Midgley said he hasn't heard from any government officials since he tendered his resignation. He's actively seeking work elsewhere but would consider staying if the conditions were right.