Lawyer Dustin Milligan is the author of a children's series about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (CBC)

A Prince Edward Island man has written the final instalments in a children’s series illustrating the various rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The final four books in the Charter for Children series by lawyer Dustin Milligan are due out July 1.

Each story features a particular province and highlights a Charter right while focusing on the local culture.

The book on Prince Edward Island is called Two Two-Eyed Potatoes and discusses equality of sexual orientation.

The series includes 14 books. Milligan, who now works for a Toronto law firm, launched the project seven years ago when he realized there were few resources to help children learn about the Charter.

"I had been going out to schools in the Montreal area teaching children about human rights," he said. "And I was doing it with a group of other students. And every time we went out, we realized that we didn't have any resources and were relying on makeshift materials."