The P.E.I. Humane Society set up a clinic Sunday at Victoria Park in Charlottetown to get more owners to microchip their pets.  

The society hosts the clinics a couple of times a year.

This time it received a $4,000 grant from the city of Charlottetown so it could offer the microchipping at a discounted price.

“The microchip is just such a great safety precaution for people who do have cats or dogs or even rabbits — animals who might happen to be outside. We all hope and assume that our pet won't get lost, but there is the chance that that might happen. If they come into the shelter and they have the microchip, we're then able to get a hold of the owner so much quicker and return them home that much faster,” said Leanne Cail, the society's marketing manager.

The microchipping started at 1 p.m. The society has enough chips for about 125 pets.