The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that for every vacant job in the month of December, there were 20 Islanders looking for work.

That was the highest job vacancy ratio in the country, and the highest P.E.I. has seen since Statistics Canada introduced the measure back in 2011.

The figures show the number of vacant jobs in December stood at 500, less than half the number from the same month the year before.

Meanwhile, 11,000 Islanders were looking for work.

P.E.I.'s Innovation Minister Allen Roach says he's not troubled by the figure, and stands by his government's record on job creation.

“P.E.I. today has the most people employed in permanent jobs than we've ever had before in the history of the province,” he says. “So that's one of the things I'm going by, you can take stats and play with them all day.”

Roach says he thinks more Islanders are applying for more jobs because of the federal changes to Employment Insurance rules, and that may be pushing up the job vacancy ratio.