Among dozens of booths promoting the newest and most innovative baby products, one P.E.I. organization spent Sunday urging parents to buy used goods at the province’s Oh Baby Expo.

"You’ll be surprised at what used buying can actually save a person," said Alicia Packwood of Used P.E.I.

Packwood said having a baby doesn’t have to mean going into debt, especially for people with lower incomes.

Used P.E.I. is a website that connects sellers with buyers for baby goods.

Packwood herself bought a swing off the site.

"I paid $60 and at the store it would be over $179 plus tax," she said.

But Packwood said not every product is safe to buy second-hand. Expecting parents need to take a close look at the products.

"Car seats - because they have expiry dates and if they’ve ever been in an accident - you have to be very careful with things like that," she said. "But most items you can tell by just looking at it if it’s not broken and clean and safe to use."

For Anne McGuigan, buying second-hand is necessary now that she’s expecting her second child.

"It’s the only way to get by nowadays," she said. "Everything’s so expensive."

The Oh Baby Expo raised money for Halifax’s IWK Hospital.