P.E.I. Green Party to name new leader in November

P.E.I.'s Green Party has announced dates for a convention in November where they'll be electing a new party leader.

Peter Bevan-Baker only candidate for leader so far

Sharon Labchuk stepped down as P.E.I. Green Party leader in July. (Handout)

The Green Party of P.E.I. has set a date for its leadership convention.

The party has set aside Nov. 2 and 3 in Charlottetown. So far only Peter Bevan-Baker is the only candidate to step forward.

Darcie Lanthier is the Green Party interim leader. She says nominations are being accepted until Oct. 3.

"We are talking to people," said Lanthier. "We are certainly encouraging other people to come forward, even though we feel Peter Bevan-Baker is an excellent candidate."

Lanthier notes Oct. 3 is the deadline for people to renew or take out new memberships in order to vote for a new leader. She says there will be a lot of ground to cover at the convention.

"We have a lot of material to cover as far as policy and constitution,so there will be a fair bit of business as well."

Sharon Labchuk announced her resignation as Green Party leader in July.

In 2007, the Green Party had 18 candidates and captured 3% of the popular vote in the P.E.I. election. In the 2011 provincial election it had 22 candidates and captured 4% of the popular vote.