P.E.I. Green Party appoints interim leader

Darcie Lanthier is the new interim leader of the Green Party of P.E.I., but says she won't be seeking the permanent leadership.

Darcie Lanthier says she won't seek the permanent leadership.

The Green Party of P.E.I. has appointed Darcie Lanthier as their interim leader, but she says she won't be seeking the permanent leadership position.

She said her role as interim leader will be to help grow membership and broaden Islanders' views of the party.

"Green policy is broad and it covers taxation, and human rights and animal welfare, and I believe that most people really can align themselves with Green Party policy that doesn't change from election to election," she said.

Former leader Sharon Labchuk announced her resignation last week.

Lanthier has been involved in the party for several years and ran as a candidate for the Green Party in the last provincial election in the district of Morell-Mermaid.

Lanthier said a leadership convention will likely be held in the fall.