It seems no one wants to operate a P.E.I. government-owned nine-hole golf course and driving range at Brudenell.

The provincial government didn't get a single response to a request for proposals by its Friday deadline.

Government officials say the course, called the Divine Nine, hasn't been making money and the province will not reopen it.

Kevin Jenkins, director of corporate services for the Department of Tourism, said he was hoping someone would step forward to operate the course.

"The golf course business is certainly a tough one these days, particularly for nine-hole courses, Jenkins said.

"We had to go to a public RFP just to test the market," he added. "I don't know if it's a huge surprise that there is no interest, but certainly we had to go through that step at least."

The province felt a private operator might have been able to run the course as a profitable enterprise.

Even though the course will not open this year, the government will continue to look for a private operator, Jenkins said.