A photo of a young girl from the Summerside area has turned up on a site known to be frequented by pedophiles, say RCMP who are investigating.

Police on P.E.I. were notified through Ottawa after a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The pictures were originally posted on a family member's Facebook page a number of months ago.

"I think it was actually from a dance recital about six or seven months ago. It was actually taken by somebody and then posted on this, on another website that is known to be frequented by pedophiles," RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar said.

It wasn't a naked or provocative photo of the young girl, he said.

"We can take steps to get it taken down from the website where the FBI found it. However, we can't confirm that this picture wasn't used somewhere else, that it's not posted on some other website. We can only take it down from one place. It could be on hundreds of others and we wouldn't know that."

Blackadar recommends people check the privacy settings regularly on their Facebook page to ensure pictures can only be viewed by friends.