Burger Love, a promotion for P.E.I. beef, is continuing to see big growth in its third year.

The promotion is moving more P.E.I. ground beef than some restaurants have been able to keep up with.

"We've been hit so hard with stuff," said Dave Moore, executive chef at Phinley's Diner.

"I've called on a number of people that are competing with us in the competition, to borrow different products. I've gone through bacon like crazy."

Phinley's served 189 burgers on April 6. Two restaurants had served more than 1,000 burgers by April 9, and little more than a week into the promotion.

Two years ago 14 restaurants participated in Burger Love, serving 5,500 of their specially-designed burgers in the month of April. This year 31 restaurants across the Island have signed up, and they are on track to serve 20,000 burgers.

"I think there's a bit of a burger fever on Prince Edward Island right now," said Melody Dover, president of Fresh Media, the company behind the promotion.

"There's even one gentleman that [Friday] is having his 22nd burger."

Dover credits the frenzy on social media and the many foodies posting pictures and reviews. Pam and Mitchell Schute, a mother/son blogging duo, plan on hitting up as many burger joints as they can.

"Mitchell and I last year had gone on our own search for the best cheeseburger in Charlottetown. So that kind of opened the door for this opportunity right here," she said.

Each restaurant has designed a special burger specifically for the Burger Love promotion. Diners are asked to rate the burgers on the Burger Love website, and a winner is announced in May.