Only two of the 87 films showing in the gala and regional shorts programs at this year's Atlantic Film Festival are from P.E.I.

Nils Ling

The way films are funded needs to be changed on P.E.I., says NIls Ling, president of the Island Media Arts Cooperative. (Katelyn Fraser)

Festival organizers say only five films were submitted from the Island this year.

Nils Ling, president of the Island Media Arts Cooperative, said a number of filmmakers have projects underway that weren't ready for this year's deadline. But he also said the way films are funded on the Island needs to be improved. He said talks are underway with the province. 

"There are no tax breaks or any kind of benefits for private industry, other than the goodwill that comes with supporting a film," said Ling.

"If we can create a situation where it can make business sense for a private investor to support a film then I think we can make a better case to the investors, and it pays off in jobs here and it pays off in exposure for the Island to the rest of the world."

Ling is thrilled the two Island works that will be screened are the creators' first films.

Adam Florian's documentary To Wrestle is part of the Atlantic short program. Patrick Callbeck and Alexis Bulman's documentary Rainbow Valley is airing on Superchanel as part of the Atlantic broadcast program.