Jason Rogerson and Harmony Wagner

Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson are making the most of their Cannes Film Festival experience. (CBC)

A couple of P.E.I. film-makers are in France for the Cannes International Film Festival, promoting their current film and working on connections for future projects.

Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson's short film Queen of the Crows, through their company Periscope Pictures, was shown at a screening Tuesday in Cannes. It was part of a Telefilm Canada-sponsored event showcasing Canadian short films.

Wagner told CBC News she and her partner are making the most of the opportunity.

"We've been doing business, we've been having fun, we've been making contacts for future projects, it's been incredible," she said.

"Everything is in the works, so I probably shouldn't say, but there's been some great connections, great conversations, some places the film will be going. And definitely, even more exciting to me, is the building on that, making the relationships for the next project."

Wagner and Rogerson's next project is a feature film called Kuperman. Periscope Pictures is expected to get up to $120,000 from Telefilm Canada to make it.