Flooding in Western Canada could affect the prices of some crops on Prince Edward Island, says the executive director of the P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture.

John Jamieson said the crops include wheat, soy beans and potatoes.

However, he added, Island farmers are mostly concerned about the impact the floods are having on their counterparts out west, particularly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

"Because we are part of the CFA, the Canadian Federation, we know a lot of the farmers in the area," he said.

"We'll be watching to see what impact that has on the crop going forward … whether it will have an impact on prices. And it certainly wouldn't have a negative impact, it may have a positive impact on our prices. But we feel for guys out there."

Jamieson said he will get a better sense of the full impact of the flooding when he is in Manitoba this week for federation meetings.

He said grain farmers in the west had huge crops last year and he has heard there is still a lot of grain in storage. So, he added, even with crop damage, there will likely still be a fair bit of grain on the market.

The president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, the farm lobby group, estimates this year's flooding is going to cost Manitoba farmers $1 billion.