Opposition questions on Thursday about a growing problem with beavers blocking P.E.I.'s waterways prompted reminiscences from Environment Minister Richard Brown of blowing up beaver dams.

'You're the environment minister now?' — Opposition leader Olive Crane

Brown told the legislature that his department is hiring people who hunt beavers to help clear the streams — then went on to recount how beavers were dealt with in his younger days.

"I had a few summers when I was a young fellow, driving around Prince Edward Island with a couple of cases of dynamite in the car and blowing up dams, and I know the issues out there," he said.

"We had our ticket and we used to spend a couple of days a week going out and blowing up beaver dams."

To which Opposition leader Olive Crane responded: "You're the environment minister now? I wouldn't be telling people that."

According to provincial officials, the hunters now being hired are professionals who remove the beavers in a humane manner.