Matt Chandler

Charlottetown chef Matt Chandler will appear on Chopped Canada. (Food Network)

A Charlottetown chef is competing on the popular cooking show Chopped Canada.

The show is a so-called black box culinary competition where four chefs are pitted against each other and don't know the ingredients they will be given to create an appetizer, main course and dessert.

Matt Chandler, 30, has been a sous chef at The Pearl in North Rustico and Lot 30 in Charlottetown.      

He says he had a serious mishap while sharpening his knives just before the competition started.

"I just knelt down and gave my knives one final swipe over the steel and I actually missed the steel and cut right into my leg, cut my pants open and cut right into right above my knee and it was bleeding profusely," said Chandler.

"And so I kind of went like a greenish, whitish colour, and I'm standing there in the bathroom like wrapping toilet paper around and around my leg trying to get it to stop bleeding. I could feel it running down my leg actually in the first round."

P.E.I. chef Michael Smith was one of three celebrity judges but Chandler doesn't think that gave him an advantage.

Chandler's episode airs June 26 on the Food Network.