Cows Creamery clothbound cheddar has been selected as a featured product for a culinary showcase. (Cows Creamery)

A P.E.I. company will be taking one of its award-winning cheese products to a new culinary showcase in June.

Cows Creamery owner Scott Linkletter will take the company's Avonela Clothbound Cheddar to the first Artisan Incubator in Toronto, a two-day event promoting local, sustainable foods from across the country.

The cheddar is one of 20 Canadian-made goods selected to be featured.

"It's an older method of nurturing cheddar that used to be around and was lost because things got mechanized and went into factories and we're bringing it back," said Armand Bernard, who makes the cheese for Cows Creamery.

"It's what our grandparents would have been eating from the local cheese producers."

The Island cheese was selected by award-winning cookbook authors and Food Network stars.