P.E.I.'s Liberal government has quietly cancelled one of the few programs being offered by its office of energy efficiency.


Environment Minister George Webster said he couldn't promise the return of the program. ((Province of P.E.I.))

The office opened to the public in January, and was designed to be a place where the public could go for information on how to save on energy costs. At the time, it offered loans of up to $5,000 for renewable energy equipment, such as solar panels and wood pellet stoves, but the Opposition learned last week that program was quietly scrapped at the end of March.

"Are you going to re-establish this program immediately?" Progressive Conservative MLA Jim Bagnall asked in the legislature Friday.

"There are Islanders all across P.E.I. at the present time that are in the process of trying to change to alternative means of heating their homes."

Bagnall said he found out the program had been cancelled after getting calls from Islanders who wanted to use it. He said killing the program was a bad idea, especially with the price of oil skyrocketing.

"It's probably one of the best programs ever put in place, because it allows homeowners to change from the heavy oil cost of heating their home," he said.

Government planning new programs

Environment Minister George Webster said the program was popular, but noted the government has other programs to help Islanders make their homes more energy efficient.

"I cannot guarantee in the house today that we will re-establish that specific program," said Webster.

"What we want to do is re-evaluate where we are and how that actually incorporates with the four programs we already have in place at the moment."

Webster said he hopes to announce two new programs soon.