The province still needs to pave the shoulder from Kensington to Stanley Bridge to complete the Summerside-Cavendish Beach bike route. View North Shore bike route in a larger map.

The P.E.I. government has a new plan to make it safer for cyclists going from the province's two cities to the North Shore beaches.

The route from Charlottetown to Stanhope is almost completed, and another route from Summerside to Cavendish is being developed.

"It gives them a venue to the north side as well, and the established trails in the National park and the paved shoulders that are existing in the Stanley Bridge area," said provincial chief engineer Stephen Yeo.

The routes include a mix of paved shoulders and bike paths. Yeo said the route from Summerside to Cavendish is still a few years from completion. Paved shoulders are being added along the highway from Kensington to Stanley Bridge.

 Yeo said it could take about five years to complete the Summerside to Cavendish bike route.