An actor born and raised on P.E.I. saw his role in the Oscar-nominated film Argo expand when his performance caught the attention of director Ben Affleck.


Danilo Di Julio was orginally scheduled to shoot one day in Argo, but ended up working on the film for a week. (imdb)

Danilo Di Julio was raised on Lennox Island and graduated from Westisle High School.

Di Julio plays Sgt. Gauthier, a French Canadian military police officer. He said he was originally only asked to shoot one day in Los Angeles.

"At the end of the day, we had a great shoot, and Ben came up, patted me on the shoulder and was like, 'I like what you're bringing to the film, I'm going to try to layer you in more. We're going to see you again.' And I was just like, 'OK,' and walked away wanting to stop floating on a cloud so I could drive," said Di Julio.

"Proof if you tread water and you believe in yourself and work really hard, you know, you can get so far."

Di Julio said he worked an extra week filming in Turkey. The actor hopes this role will open doors for more movies.