About 350 people attended an abortion rally held outside Charlottetown's Province House Saturday.

A new group, the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization announced a few weeks ago that it was lobbying to re-introduce abortion services to the Island.

Even though it's a legal medical procedure, P.E.I. remains the only province where abortion services are not offered locally.


People from the anti-abortion side of the abortion debate in Charlottetown Saturday. (Ryan Hicks/CBC)

The government has said it isn't interested in re-opening the debate.

However on Friday, Health Minister Doug Currie said he'd be open to discussion with all sides. That's a change from Nov. 9, when Currie said abortion is another service that isn't offered on P.E.I.


About 150 people gathered in support of pro-choice in Charlottetown Saturday. (Ryan Hicks/CBC)

"The more services you add to a system, obviously there's going to be more costs attached to that," Currie said Nov. 9.

On Saturday, Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk told the crowd that government has money for fake hills but not abortions on P.E.I.

The opposition Conservatives said Friday they will follow the government on the issue.

Saturday was the first time the pro-choice movement was seen publicly demonstrating.

The CBC's Ryan Hicks said NDP leader James Rodd was also seen at the rally.

Hicks and the CBC's Brian Higgins estimated there were about 150 pro-choice demonstrators and 200 anti-abortion demonstrators.