A consultant is being hired to help check if P.E.I. 2014 celebrations, marking the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference that launched talks leading to Confederation, meets its goals.

2014 executive director Penny Walsh McGuire says those goals are: raise awareness about P.E.I.'s role in Confederation, increase tourism by five per cent and be a trial run for Canada-wide celebrations in 2017.

"I think when you have an investment … such as 2014, it's important to analyze the results," said Walsh McGuire.

"This evaluation is really the first step in looking at the 2014 year, and really identifying scientifically the economic, social and cultural impacts of the investment."

Walsh McGuire said the consultant will work with a review committee made up of executive from P.E.I. 2014, officials with the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Research Centre at UPEI.

She expects a report from the review will be published by mid-2015.

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