The bill for P.E.I. 2014 celebrations commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference is at $23.5 million — and counting. 
Tourism PEI officials said the province is spending $18.5 million over four years.

Other funding totals about $5 million, including money from the federal government, other provinces, municipalities and private sponsors.

P.E.I. Opposition leader Steven Myers said he's not against recognizing the importance of 2014 but he questions spending so much money.

“You know I think if you asked an average Islander what they actually wanted their money spent on, I don't think you'd hear many say ‘hey let's have a party’ rather than keep teachers on and teach our students,” he said. “So it's sad that the Ghiz government has no priorities.”

Tourism Minister Rob Henderson said it's money well spent

“Investing in the tourism industry is a sound investment as far as I'm concerned and I think Islanders will come through with that as well when they see the extra visitation that comes to the province.”

A final announcement about additional federal funding is expected in the near future.

The final projected total costs are expected to hit $29 million.