The federal government announced nearly $900,000 in funding to upgrade accessible transit and sewer and wastewater systems on P.E.I.

Non-profit accessible transit company Pat and the Elephant, and Transportation West got a more than $350,000 boost to buy more wheelchair accessible buses.

That’s good news for drivers like Corinna Butler of Transportation West who nearly missed the funding announcement after the vehicle she was driving broke down on the way.

"These are seven years old and they've got 275,000 kilometres on them," she said. "It's time to put them down."

Egmont MP Gail Shea and federal infrastructure minister Denis Lebel had more announcements to make.

In partnership with the province and local municipalities, $1.5 million will pay for sewer and water upgrades. The federal government and the provincial government will each contribute $517,404, with the rest of the tab picked up by the municipalities.

"For some of the smaller communities, it's very hard to afford the infrastructure that's needed such as water and wastewater projects," said Shea. "So with the federal and provincial governments contributing to the projects, it makes it affordable to the communities."

Money for the accessible buses came from the federal gas tax fund.  That fund, worth $15-million per year to municipalities  is in for some changes next year.

Under a new agreement between Ottawa and the province, P.E.I.'s share will increase two percent, said Robert Vessey, P.E.I.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

"That two percent comes back to PEI in the sum of $750,000 that will kick in in a couple of years' time. That is an increase to municipalities that we get to use that we didn't have in previous agreement," said Vessey.

Denis Lebel, minister of infrastructure, communities and intergovernmental affairs:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are focused on creating jobs, long-term prosperity and we will continue to work on that."

The new accessible vehicles will come into service later this year — two in West Prince, and two in central Queens County.

Local sewer and water updates are expected to get started next spring.

Shea said the federal funding announcements had nothing to do with the Liberal caucus meeting taking place on P.E.I. on Wednesday.

"I don’t plan my schedule around Justin Trudeau, never have and probably never will. We’re going ahead about our business and doing our business delivering for Prince Edward Island and for the small communities here on Prince Edward Island," she said.