In the legislature today, the Opposition accused the health minister of failing to take action on addictions and mental health issues in the province.

A year and a half ago Health Minister Doug Currie commissioned a $85,000 study by MRSB consulting to look at addiction and mental health services.

In November 2013, the province set up an advisory committee and hired a chief medical officer of addictions and mental health and two additional staff to help Islanders gain access to treatment and counselling.
But Opposition House Leader James Aylward pointed out a provincial committee has yet to meet to plan a course of action.

“First you made struggling Islanders wait over a year for your first report, then you commissioned yet another report, and who knows where that is,” said Aylward. 

”Now we learned you made them wait over six months for a one page report, that the advisory committee has not even met once in the past six months to review.”
Currie said two reports are being reviewed, a consultants' report on mental health and the standing committee review which reflects the concerns of Islanders. 

“[Rhonda Matters'] immediate priority, was to identify immediate gaps, to provide action immediately, the issue Madame Speaker, was clear, we need access to better services immediately,” said Currie.

Currie told the House, work is being done on a broader strategy.

After studying mental health and addictions for the last six months, Rhonda Matters will soon present her findings to the minister.